2-3 Weeks before competition...

1.  Sharpen skates. (check with me).   Also, check to see what the pro's fee will be and when it is to be paid.

2.  You may want to volunteer if it is a local competition.  There are so many ways skaters and parents can help make sure the competition runs smoothly.  Any help is much appreciated.

1-2 Weeks before competition

1.  Skate in your competition outfit ahead of time to make sure it fits and that you are able to move well in it.

2.  Check schedule to make sure you know when and where your event is.  Once you know where you are skating, you might want to skate there so you can lay out your program and become familiar with the surroundings.

1-2 Days before competition

1.  Clean skates and polish them.  No boot covers allowed.

2.  Laces should also be clean.  Purchase new ones if needed.  No colored laces please.

Competition Day

1.  Arrive at the rink one hour before event dressed in your competition outfit.  Girls - no underwear and hair should be pulled back away from face.  Always have a backup dress and be sure to bring an extra pair of tights in case of runs.

2.  Turn in music ( if needed ).  Be sure to have back-up CD ready in case of emergency.

3.  About 30 minutes before warm-up, put on and tie up skates.  Check in with the Ice Captain.  Then you can turn your child over to me, leave the skaters area and find a spot on the rail or bleachers to watch and cheer.  Parents are not allowed at the gate to the ice.

4.  Results will be posted as soon as possible.  Always stay after event to check and see if your child placed.  Competitions vary with awards - some will have ribbons up to 6th place.  Usually the top 3 placements will have pictures taken with awards.

5.  Be sure to pick up your music after competing.

6. Competition Check List  CLICK HERE







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