Due to the availability of time, my schedule is very tight so it is of the utmost importance that you are on time for your lesson.

It would be to your best advantage to be at the rink at least 30 minutes ahead of your scheduled start time to allow for putting skates on, using the restroom, snack, etc. If possible, it would be even better if you could allow the skater 30 minutes on the ice before the lesson so he/she can get warmed up.  This is also beneficial so we do not have to use valuable lesson time for warm-up.

In the event of a cancellation a 24 hour notice is required.  Lessons which are cancelled after this time will be charged.

I cannot guarantee the full lesson time if a student is late to a lesson. You are still responsible for the full price of the scheduled lesson. I will consider a student who is late for 10minutes of his/her lesson as being absent and at that time I can leave.

On the other hand, if I am late for a lesson I will make up the missed amount of time on the next scheduled lesson if my schedule permits, or I will discount your bill for the amount of time missed.

Also, due to tight schedules, I may not be available to talk with you at the time of your child’s lesson.  We can either use some of the lesson time (first or last 5 minutes), or you may call/text me at (972) 989-8900, or email me at

I hope this letter has cleared up any questions you might have in regards to scheduling. If you have any further questions or concerns about your child's skating, please feel free to talk with me.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Andrea Larsson







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